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Searching for a beat making software? Don't know how to make beats? You dream about creating music?
Coming here is a great start! I've found 2 programs made specially for beginners that have everything you need to make you first beat. Whether it's Hip Hop, Rap or Techno, both tools can produce professional beats.

Let's Start With My Top Ranked One:

#1   DUBturbo
A great software for any beginner to make beats just like the pros.
DUBturbo's has recently released ver. 2 which placed it number one on my list.
Perfect... it really is, why? Because you need nothing else, it comes with all you will ever need to make beats, the software pack contains high quality instrumental samples and many very detailed video tutorials, plus it runs on both PC and Mac computers.

With DubTurbo It's Easy To Make Beats Just Like The Professionals.
Click On Any Number Below And Listen...

Sounds Quality: 5
User Interface: 5
Guides & Tutorials:   5
Overall Rating: 5

So What You Get?
  • The Best Beat Making Software!
  • Super Easy User Interface
  • 1000's Of Studio Quality Sounds To Make Beats
  • Usable On Both Desktop And Online
  • Aids You To Sell Your Beats
  • The Best Quality Instrumentals Sounds
  • Dragging And Adding Sound Bars On The Fly
  • Click Here And Start Making Beats Today!!!
#2   Cyber Sequencer
My 2nd pick for a Beat Making Program.
Very easy to use and offer online and offline access.
beat making program While the former tool offers many guides and video tutorials, Cyber Sequencer includes less help with his.

All in all, they share the same features, the software includes many high quality instrumental sounds and a user interface similar to DubTurbo's.

Sounds Quality: 5
User Interface: 5
Guides & Tutorials:   4
Overall Rating: 4.5

So What You Get?

  • Great Tool
  • Very Easy Graphic User Interface
  • Endless Of Sounds To Produce Beats
  • Usable On Both Desktop And Online
  • Helps You To Sell Your Music
  • Top Notch Instrumentals Sounds
  • Adding And Editing Sound Bars On The Fly

Beat Making Program

At the end of the day, both software programs can produce very professional beats, they both offer downloadable version and a browser based tool to make music with high quality instruments. The export option for both is WAV file, which is the highest quality a sound can be in a digital format. The only drawback I've noticed on Cyber Sequencer beat making software is the lack of several tutorials DubTurbo did offer.
Finally, Grab Now The Best Software, You Can Make Wonders In No Time. Don't Compromise For Less.
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This beat making software is absolutely amazing, it's very fun to play with and able to do all kinds of beats.
Bobb, NY

Guys, this is too addicting! I can't stop making beats. I was up all night.
Samantha G, UK

So easy to learn, so many sounds to discover :)
Ron, IL

Finally! a decent beat making program to produce professional beats, Thanks a lot.
Edward, Canada

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